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  • Best Pregnancy Pillow in Australia: Top 10 (2021)

    We want to help you select the best pregnancy pillow that is supportive and comfortable. As the stages of pregnancy progress, women tend to find they need to sleep differently to be comfortable so finding the best pillow is important.  We list the top 10 pregnancy pillows.
  • Best Pillow in Australia: Top 9 (2021 reviews)

    This list will help you find the best pillow in Australia.  We know that there are many pillow brands and pillow types such as: Memory Foam pillows, Feather Pillows, Polyester pillows, and Latex.  So we have come up with a list that will save you time and money by giving you a review of the best pillows.   

  • Best Mattress in Australia: Top 8 (2021 reviews)

    We review the best mattresses in Australia including Sleeping Duck, Koala, Latex Mattress Australia, Ecosa, Forty Winks. This list considers mattress materials: memory foam, pocket spring, latex.
  • Best Quilt & Doona in Australia: Top 9 (2021 reviews)

    This guide will help you find the best Quilt and Doona.  Buying the perfect quilt is an investment to help you get a good nights sleep.  The list w...
  • Best Quilt Covers in Australia: Top 14 (2021 reviews)

    This list will help you find the best Quilt Cover in Australia. A premium quilt cover is one which is long lasting, easy care and well made. There is a wide range of brands and fabrics, and no one brand or style is suitable for everyone.

  • Pillow Care

    At #GoKindly we want your pillow to last. We believe in being kind to the planet and we want our products to have a long life, avoiding wastage. Bu...
  • 5 Steps To Finding The Most Comfortable Pillow (2021 reviews)

    This guide will help you find the most comfortable pillow with 5 easy steps.  Pillows are made from different materials and this creates different sleeping experiences.  After going through these steps you will be able to find the most comfortable pillow to give you the support and comfort you need to get the a great nights sleep. 
  • Supporting Melbourne Businesses

    Every business (and individual) in Melbourne has been impacted to some degree by the shutdowns. Some sectors are harder hit than others, but its fa...
  • Pillow Talk - How to get a good night’s sleep

    In our Pillow Talk series we explore ways to get a better nights sleep. COVID is a challenging time, and we’re hearing that many are struggling to...
  • What is a Gusseted Pillow?

    You might have heard that our Signature Pillow has a ‘gusset’ and are wondering what that is.  So what is a gusseted pillow?  A gusset is a panel o...
  • How to wash a Pillow

    Can you wash a bedroom pillow? How do you clean a bedroom pillow and ensure it keeps its shape?
  • The Best European Pillowcases (2020)

    Looking for a pillowcase for your European pillow?  We will help you find the 5 best European pillowcases.  As European pillow lovers, we are passionate about beautiful pillowcases.  So we have listed the most elegant and high quality European pillowcases.