Best Pillows for Neck Pain: Top 6 (2024 reviews)

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can exacerbate pain and leave you with a sore neck or headache, so it is important to find the best pillow for you to help prevent neck pain.  Neck and shoulder pain can have a considerable impact on your quality of sleep so we want to help you!

This blog reviews the best pillows we’ve found for managing neck and shoulder pain.  A pillow may be the solution for helping but there may be other reasons why you are experiencing discomfort when sleeping including your mattress and personal circumstances.  Also, it is important that you see your doctor or physiotherapist for any serious neck issues or stiffness you may have.

The health experts recommend a pillow that is 'comfortable and supportive'.  For neck pain relief, they recommend sleeping 'with one firm support pillow rather than softer pillows to avoid stretching neck muscles'.  For Side Sleepers with neck pain they advise to 'check the distance between your neck and shoulder'. This gives side sleepers an indication of the pillow height needed for the right support.

Whenever people ask us what pillow we recommend - we start with understanding their sleep position and your height.  This is because this will inform the loft of the pillow you need.  Depending if you are a side or back sleeper, we suggest you review the most comfortable pillow blog to understand more about how your sleep style may impact your pillow choices.  

What is an Orthopedic pillow?  An orthopedic pillow is shaped so that the pillow contours and aligns your spine to give your neck support.  They can also be referred to as cervical and contour pillow.

Here our our top pillow picks for a sore neck.

Top 6 Pillows for Neck Pain

  1. Best Affordable Pillow for Neck Pain: #GoKindly Signature
  2. Best for Medium Support: Therapeutic Pillow
  3. Best for Side Sleepers: #GoKindly Memory Foam Pillow
  4. Best Cervical Pillow: Spinaleze
  5. Best Latex Pillow: Dunlopillo
  6. Best Adjustable Support: Emma 


Best Affordable Pillow for Neck Pain: #GoKindly Signature Pillow


GoKindly pillows


The #GoKindly Signature pillow has +400 reviews and is an affordable and easy care pillow for supporting the neck. With a poly feel it is more helpful with pressure points than other pillow material such as foam. 

It is well suited to a side sleeper, and at a good price point. 

This website sells #GoKindly pillows so we are biased! 

  • Donate 50% of profits to women in need
  • The pillow Contours to your neck
  • Easy to clean and machine washable 
  • Made in Australia

Price: $75 or 2 Pack for $139 (Free Delivery)

Shop for the #GoKindly pillow here

Final Verdict:  An affordable all round pillow that gives you comfort and support...and is proudly made in Australia!


Best for Medium Support: Therapeutic Pillow


Therapeutic Pillow

An Australian memory foam that has a contour shape that provides the support you need for those suffering pain.  Once you’re familiar with the height and firmness which best suits your style and removes neck pain – you can select the appropriate style. This is the Medium version.

Price: $120

The pillow can be purchased here.

Final Verdict:  Great choice if you are wanting a memory foam pillow that is mid price range to help your neck pain. 



Best for Side Sleepers: #GoKindly Memory Foam Pillow


Memory foam pillow

An Australian made Memory Foam Pillow, this pillow is ergonomically contoured with an adjustable height layer, to provide superior neck support and comfort.

It is designed using latest NexGen technology for premium breathability and comfort. Traditional memory foam pillows tended to overheat but the NexGen technology allows for airflow to give you a more temperature comfortable sleep.  

Due to the height of the pillow, it is designed for side sleepers over 160cm. The adjustable layer (see below picture) and contoured design give the pillow flexibility with height adjustments but it wont be suitable for those wanting a low profile pillow.

Memory foam pillow adjustable layer for optimal neck support

This website sells #GoKindly pillows so we are biased but this pillow has some special features including supporting women experiencing homelessness and is recyclable through #GoKindly's Australia's first pillow recycle program. 

The pillow has a 120 day free returns policy. 

The pillow may take up to a week to adjust to, especially if this is your first contour memory foam pillow.

Price: $279 (Free Delivery)

You can buy the memory foam pillow here

Final Verdict:  A premium memory foam pillow made for Side Sleepers.


Best Cervical Pillow: Spinaleze

Spinaleze Pillow


A cervical pillow that is celebrated by many people for its quality.  A unique design and a trademarked pillow material make this a special pillow.  It has rave reviews by many and is a long standing Australian business. 

Many people talk of the pain relief since purchasing Spinaleze.  But it comes with a financial cost being one of the most expensive pillows on the market.  Also, there is a no refund policy so we recommend reaching out to them to make sure this pillow is right for you. 

They do make different heights and firmness so do review their website for what pillow type is right for you.

Price: $298

The pillow can be purchased via Spinaleze online

Final Verdict:  A premium pillow with a high price tag but many people say it was worth the investment for their neck pain.  No return policy make it a pillow you should investigate in more detail before buying.


Best Latex Pillow: Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo Latex Pillow


This Dunlopillo pillow is designed using latex that give it a different feel.  They have a range of of heights and firmness to choose from.  The pillow is made from Latex and some people do complain of the rubber smell.  

Tested by many sleepers over a long period and demonstrated to be long lasting.  For side sleepers the height may not be high enough so check the dimensions before you buy, especially as there is a no refund policy.

Price: $180

The pillow can be purchased through here.

Final Verdict:  A latex pillow that has a different feel from other pillows as it is more springy.  

Best Adjustable Support: Emma

Emma Pillow

Sometimes looking for a pillow is tricky as you are never sure what height or loft to get.  Well here is an adjustable pillow made by Emma that has an ergonomic style that is great for sore necks. With its memory foam design that is adjustable for different heights it makes it a pillow to suit most sleepers. 

RRP Price: $129

The Emma pillow can be purchased here

Final Verdict:  A premium pillow with a high price tag but many people say it was worth the investment for their neck pain. 




What pillow material should you choose?

A memory foam pillow may suit people more given the firmness but you still want to sleep comfortably and not have heat build up.  So if you are on a budget we think that a quality poly can be a good option.

Headaches can arise if you don't choose the right pillow for you.

Make sure that you get a pillow that is hypoallergenic to avoid any allergies have a healthy sleep. 

Any other tips for neck pain and pillows? 

Neck pain can be caused by many issues including a bad pillow, mattress, posture, sleeping in a bad position or injury.  We suggest a holistic approach and look at all the factors that may be contributing to your sore neck.


We hope this blog has helped you find the perfect pillow for you so your neck pain disappears and you feel better.