5 Steps To Finding The Most Comfortable Pillow in 2022

This guide will provide you with 5 steps to choose the most comfortable pillow.  Pillows are made from different materials and this creates different sleeping experiences.  After going through these steps you will be able to find the Best Pillows in Australia to give you the support and comfort you need to get a great nights sleep.

At #GoKindly we make a pillow for you and give a bed to a woman in need.  We hope the below steps help you find the most comfortable pillow for you.



Bed with pillow


Step 1: What is your Sleep Position?

One of the key considerations for finding the most comfortable pillow is your sleep position. 

Your sleeping position, combined with the right pillow can make a big difference to getting the right support for your head, neck and spine.

You need support for your head and neck, so consider your size and body shape when thinking about a new pillow.

Do how do you sleep? On your side, front or back? Do you have neck pain to consider, and how supportive do you need your pillow to be?  The key is that the right pillow must keep your body aligned and supported. 

Side sleeper

Side Sleeper

If you are a side sleeper then a standard-to-high profile pillow will ensure your head and neck is aligned well with the spine.  This is the most common sleeping position, with a study stating that up to 74% of people sleep on their side.  This is generally considered to be an instinctive position - when you curl on the floor it is generally in the side position. 

If you are a side sleeper then you may even like having 2 pillows to get the support you need.  

Back sleeper

If you sleep on your back, you should look for a firm pillow which is not too high.   Again, the important factor is to ensure your head and neck is supported, and not held too high which may contribute to snoring and neck pain.

Stomach sleeper

If you sleep on your stomach a thinner pillow or low-profile pillow is recommended to ensure you get the right neck and spine support, and your head is not thrown backwards.

Interestingly, a 2020 blog on sleeping positions by Business Insider identified that sleeping on your stomach should be avoided.  

Some advice I received when I had back pain was to put a pillow between my legs while I slept.  This helped with my body alignment.  If you have concerns about your neck or spine, we recommend that you seek professional advice.  

Pillows can come in a range of heights (low or high) and firmness (soft or firm).  Loft is the fluffiness of the pillow, which also contributes to the height and firmness of a pillow.  Hotel Pillows are usually a high loft – which makes them feel luxurious as your head lands on the pillow.

The material for the right pillow for you is considered in the next step.  

Step 2: What is your pillow material preference?

There are a wide range of materials used for pillows.  So how do you select the right materials for your pillow?  

When thinking about the filling for your pillow, there are considerations around regulating temperature in bed, airflow and pillow breathability.  You should also consider allergies, dust mites and dirt. You want a pillow material which maintains its shape, holds your head, and looks good on the bed.  We have found the wool, bamboo and Tencel pillows hold heat, which will impact the quality of your sleep – especially in summer.  Some people prefer memory foam pillows to cradle the head and neck.  Here is a list of each of the commonly used pillow materials.

 At #GoKindly we realise that there is no one perfect pillow for everyone.  That is why we offer full refunds for our customers as we want them to know they can return the pillow if it isn't the most comfortable pillow for them. 

Step 3: What is your budget?

One of the low cost investments you can make is a comfortable pillow.  Why?  You will spend on average 7 hours sleeping every night.  By the time you reach 45 you would have slept over 114,975 hours!  A quality pillow is a worthwhile investment.  However, I recognise that cost is a key consideration for many people. 

Cheaper pillows are more likely to be imported.  Australian made pillows generally have higher quality standards, use less chemicals in production and pay fair wages.

Our suggestions for price sensitive pillow purchases: Spend what you can afford. Buy a pillow at the upper end of your budget, the better quality typically the longer it will last. Do research and understand how your pillow can be washed and kept clean, and what the typical lifetime suggested by the manufacturer is. Some cheaper pillows do not wash well and need to be replaced more often – ultimately costing your more money in the long term. We believe that a good pillow should cost no more than $80.


Step 4: What size and type of pillow is right for you?

Because the perfect pillow will be based on the position you sleep and personal pillow preference there are a range of pillow shapes and sizes.  


Bedroom pillow

A standard sized Pillow is what we typically sleep on.  Generally, the size of a bedroom pillow is 45 x 65cm and it fits comfortably inside a standard pillowcase.

Pregnancy pillow

Is often called V-Pillow or pregnancy pillow.  There is a full body pillow option as well.  These pillows can be manoeuvred to support different parts of the body if required.  You can find out more detail by visiting the pregnancy pillow blog.

European Pillow

The European pillow (or “Euro pillow”) is a large decorative pillow.  The size of a European pillow is typically 65 x 65cm.  You can find out more detail on European Pillows on our product page.

Travel Pillow

The travel pillow is the pillow you see people resting their head on when they travel on a plane.  The travel pillow is generally a U shape and can be inflatable, polyester or memory foam.

Kids pillow

When selecting a kids pillow it is important to understand the right age for giving your child a pillow.  This is because if they are too young a pillow can be a suffocation risk.  See this link to learn more.

Step 5: The most comfortable pillows

We realise that there are many pillow choices so we’ve done all the hard work for you and listed here Australia’s best pillows


Final thoughts

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult, so take time to find the right pillow for you. There are many of factors which lead to poor sleep – your pillow, your mattress, the weather, stress, and general health issues. A high-quality pillow is essential and choosing the right one is important.

By following these steps, we hope you find the most comfortable pillow for you.  Having the most comfortable pillow will help your mental and physical health. 

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama