Best Mattress in Australia: Top 8 (2021 reviews)

We have prepared a list of the best mattresses in Australia. Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge but there are two essentials. One, having the best pillow. Two, sleeping on the best mattress. Our list will help you select the right mattress for you and your family.

To make the right choice we have provided a mattress guide that considers your sleep position, climate for heat considerations and partner preferences. This will help you determine what the right mattress material is for you with options ranging from memory foam, pocket springs and latex.

Here are the best mattresses in Australia.


Best mattress in a box (Original): Koala

Koala mattress

The Koala mattress is designed to suit most people by providing sleepers with the right balance of support and comfort. For many Australians this was the first mattress in a box they purchased.

It is considered a slightly firmer style mattress, with construction using a special foam core and a Tencel, Poly cover. It has the feel of memory foam and latex, but with better breathability. This mattress has been designed for majority of sleepers but if you prefer a soft feel then you may also want to consider a mattress topper.

It is made in Australia* and has free delivery including 4 hour delivery in major cities.

While returning a mattress is not ideal, they do offer a 120 night trial. It has a great 10 year warranty. The Queen sized mattress weighs a relatively light 23.6kg and the height is 23 cms.

The no partner disturbance design means it’s a good option for couples. This mattress is one of the most popular ‘mattress in a box’ on the market with thousands of positive reviews from customers.

Price (RRP): $950 (Queen size)


  • Designed to suit most people
  • Australian made*

You can buy the mattress here

* It has recently been announced that Koala is moving manufacturing to China. At the time of writing the mattresses are still made in Australia but we suggest checking their website to confirm. 


Best mattress in a box (Ergonomic): Ecosa

Ecosa mattress


The Ecosa mattress has an ergonomic design by having an adaptable construction that allows you to adjust the firmness.

It is made from a combination of foam including Gel Memory foam, with a waterproof cover that helps protect the mattress.

This mattress is well made and considered on the firmer side. The design helps prevent sagging that may occur with some mattresses after a few years. Also, it is suitable for couples with a no partner disturbance design.

It has a great 15 year warranty, and has pincore holes to allow airflow to reduce heat retention.

Ecosa is an Australian brand and the mattress is Made in China.  The Queen sized mattress weighs 35kg, and the height is 25 cms.

The Ecosa and Koala mattresses are two of the most popular mattress in a box brands. They are both quality mattresses offering same day delivery (metro) and back their products with long warranties. So how do you decide between them? If you prefer a bit of flexibility with your mattress firmness or live in a warmer climate then Ecosa is a good option. If you are wanting the ‘one’ mattress style that would suit most people and that is Australian made*, then we think Koala is a good choice.

Price (RRP): $1,099 (Queen size)


  • Adjustable firmness to suit different sleepers
  • Airflow design to reduce heat retention
  • Warranty of 15 years

You can purchase the mattress here



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Best mattress in a box (Spare Bed): Emma

Emma mattress


The Emma mattress is priced at $1,099 for Queen, making it great value. This mattress is popular in Europe and it is well reviewed by Australian customers.

Similar to the other mattress in a box options it is relatively light at 29kg, and 25 cms tall.

It has a 10-year warranty and come with free shipping. Unlike Koala and Ecosa, the delivery takes 1 to 3 working days for metro areas.

It is constructed from point-elastic foam, with a breathable cover. The Emma mattress is manufactured in Germany.

Price (RRP): $1,099 (Queen size)


  • Good value for price
  • Ideal for sleepers preferring a firmer style
  • Ideal for a spare bed

Click here to visit the Emma website.  


Best mattress in a box (Hybrid): Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck Mattress


The Sleeping Duck mattress 'SD Mach II' is priced at $1,649 for a queen, on the more expensive side for a in-a-box-mattress, however it is a hybrid mattress made up of many features.

Construction is 4 layers:

1) BreatheTech Cover: A washable bamboo cover

2) AntiGravity surface foam: Layer of cushioning foam

3) Precision Firmness Pads: Layer of high density foam that is customisable from firm to medium

4) Motherboard: a supportive pocket spring system on the bottom

It is claimed to be more breathable than a latex mattress.

It comes in Firm, Medium style or 'Half-Half', has a 10 year warranty. It weighs 53kg – so is heavy. Shipping is free.

Many customers like the customisable options, which allow for different sleepers to tailor to their needs. This is useful when you have a side-sleeper and a back-sleeper sharing a bed for instance. Customers also mention that with the quality comes a longer life than other in-a-box mattresses.

The Foams are made in Australia and the mattress is assembled in China.

Sleeping Duck and Koala are two mattresses that people often choose between.  So which one to select?  They both offer long term warranties and have thousands of positive reviews.  Sleeping Duck is a good option for couples that have different sleeping preferences as it is a hybrid mattress that has the option of being customised for firmness for both sides of the mattress.  While the Sleeping Duck mattress is made from springs and foam, Koala is made of foam.  If you are looking for an all-round mattress on a limited budget and don't need customisable firmness then Koala is a good selection. 

Price (RRP): $1,649 (Queen size)


  • Premium price for a more breathable mattress
  • Hybrid mattress with customisable options

Sleeping Duck mattress can be purchased online here.


Best online store (Premium): Latex Mattress Australia

Latex Mattress Australia sell custom made mattresses with the Pure Support Latex Mattress RRP of $6,395 (Queen).

This mattress is made from pure latex. The benefits of latex are that it is supportive with a bit of bounce but is not too firm. This mattress will hold its shape without sagging over time.

The design is custom made to suit your preference of firmness and size. However, there is no trial period.

While this will be over budget for many, this mattress will have better durability compared to cheaper brands. The mattress comes with a 21 year guarantee.  They also have a number of showrooms.

The mattress is made in Australia.

Price (RRP): $6,395 (Queen size)


  • Latex mattress
  • Custom made in Australia
  • Premium price and quality

The Latex Mattress can be purchased by following this link.

Best online store (Value): Chiropedic

Cloud 9 mattress chiropedic

Chiropedic is an old school mattress store, online. They have a wide range with  queen mattresses starting at $319 and up to $4,497. They offer free delivery Melb. Metro. All mattresses are made in Melbourne. They’re a great option if you need a quality mattress but can wait a few weeks for delivery. They have up to 20-year warranties on their traditional spring mattresses.

Price (RRP): $319 to $4,497 (Queen size)


  • Spring mattress
  • Longer delivery times but good quality
  • Australian made

You can visit the website here

Best Physical Mattress Retailer: Snooze

Captain snooze mattress

Snooze physical stores are good for those who like to test and try before they buy. For instance, if you have back pain then you may like to feel a variety of mattresses and trial them before buying a new mattress.

Snooze’s Queen Slumberland is priced from $429, with a 10 year warranty. Their mattresses tend to be traditional spring and coil mattresses. They come In medium and firm styles, and are Australian made. They do not have free delivery, and tend to have longer lead times.

Price (RRP): $429 (Queen size)


  • In store experience
  • Spring and coil mattresses
  • Australian Made

You can find the the Captain Snooze website here

Best Physical Mattress Retailer (Budget): Forty Winks

Forty winks mattress

Forty Winks offers an in store experience and also relatively quick online delivery. Their Queen EveryDay Comfort is priced at $699 is good value, and comes with a 5 year warranty. It comes in medium and firm styles and is Australian Made. Forty Winks mattresses all tend to be traditional coil and spring mattresses. They offer ‘next day’ delivery.

Price (RRP): $699 (Queen size)


  • In store experience and fast delivery options
  • Affordable spring and coil mattresses
  • Australian Made

Click here for website.

A final mattress worth mentioning in the Eva mattress.  It is a hybrid mattress made of foam and pocket springs. It has a 12 year warranty and 120 night trial.  Priced (RRP) at $900 it is a mattress worth considering if you are on a budget. The mattress is made in China.

We have put together a summary of the best mattresses in Australia below, including the price and where the mattress is made:

Best Mattress Price (Queen) Made in
Koala $950 Australia*
Ecosa $1,099 China
Emma $1,099 Germany
Sleeping Duck $1,649 China**
Pure Support Latex Mattress $6,395 Australia
Chiropedic $319 to $4,497 Australia
Snooze’s Queen Slumberland $429 Australia
Forty Winks EveryDay Comfort $699 Australia

* Mattress is currently made in Australia but they are moving manufacturing to China.

** Foams made in Australia and mattress assembled in China. 

Mattress Guide

Firstly, should you buy a new mattress from a physical retailer or online from a mattress in a box retailer?

It really depends on your tastes, budget and needs. If you are a side sleeper (like many of us) who likes a comfortable but supportive mattress and has a budget of around $1,000 – you’re probably going to be fine with the mattress in a box.  However, if you have back pain or a light sleeper we recommend that you go into a store to explore a range of options.

There are a number of factors you should consider before you buy a mattress.  Some of the key considerations are:

  • Breath-ability of mattress especially for hot sleepers - check out the material details below. 
  • Sleep position including Front/side/back sleepers
  • Couples who have different sleeping styles
  • Light sleepers with special needs
  • The weather where you live
  • Your budget

Coils and Spring Mattresses

Circulate air, and allow for a cooler nights sleep. They are often seen as ‘traditional’ or ‘old school’ mattresses, as they are heavy. They are also heavy duty, and last longer than a memory foam or latex. These are good for warmer climates, as air is able to circulate and keep the body cooler.


Maintains its integrity well and is bouncy. Tends not to have the odour that a memory foam does but has a higher price point. Holds heat more than a coil or spring. Can be unsuitable for warmer climates for warm body types.

Memory Foam

contours to your body shape, and over time can lose its elasticity. Is a lower price point, and therefore very popular. Tends to be lighter and easier to ship, and move to a new house with. This is good for limiting partner disturbances who have different sleeping habits, as the memory foam does not move the whole bed when one person moves. The cheaper designs can hold heat and not circulate air as well. Is a good choice for couples with different sleeping styles.

Hybrid Mattress

Tends to be a combination of coils, spring and memory foam. It provides a layer of memory foam, over the top of coils + springs. It is suggested that only 10cm of foam is necessary to provide the firmness of memory foam, and that anything more than that you lose the benefits of having coils + springs.  This is becoming a popular choice as the mattress provides a range of benefits. 

Pillow Top or Pillow Topper or Mattress Topper

Usually found on top of a coil or spring mattress, with an extra layer of cotton padding sewn into the top, to provide additional comfort and plushness. They are usually at a higher price point when they come with the mattress, and are considered luxurious to sleep on. Mattress toppers can be purchased individually, such as this one from OneBed.


  • Front (or stomach) sleepers – recommended is a medium to firm mattress to keep your spine well aligned
  • Back Sleepers – Memory foam is great as it moulds to the back, and provides good all over contouring
  • Side Sleepers – it is recommended that they use a soft to medium mattress, to reduce pressure of shoulders and hips;


Mattress protectors are always a good idea. A thin, but breathable one is recommended.

Our recommendation is a bamboo based one by Ettitude or a cotton one by Eco Down Under.

If you have allergies, we’d recommend natural latex, as it has less nasty's, and collects less dust mites.

Mattress’s life is dependent on the quality.  Generally a cheaper mattress will usually start to sag after a few years.  But a good mattress should have a life of 10 years, and most will come with a warranty, depending on the price point.

Final Thoughts

Before you purchase your mattress make sure you consider your sleeping style and climate. This will help you determine the firmness and breathability you need. Take the time to research because you want to have a mattress lasting you for around 10 years.

When purchasing a new mattress, you should consider buying a new pillow or Quilt to help you sleep better. At #GoKindly we make a pillow or quilt for you and a bed for a woman in need.  We donate 50% of our profits to women experiencing homelessness and aim to make the world kinder.

We hope this has helped you find the best mattress in Australia that gives your bed the best balance of comfort and support for a good nights sleep.