The Best Pillow in Australia

Looking for the best pillow in Australia? Here are the Top 10 most comfy pillows that are perfect for giving you a great night's sleep.

Finding the right pillow is heaven!  This blog considers what pillow is suitable for a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper or combination sleeper. The majority of people are side sleepers. So a key tip for side sleepers is to choose a standard-to-high profile pillow with a firmness level of medium to firm.

Price is not always going to guarantee a better product so take your time to look for a good pillow.

The Top Ten Pillows in Australia

    Best Value: #GoKindly Signature Pillow


    #GoKindly pillows

    The #GoKindly Signature pillow is great value at $66 and has been reviewed as a 5 star pillow by customers. The pillow is a structured pillow with side-panels that provides a great balance of support and comfort.

    The pillow is an Australian made pillow and the biggest plus is 50% of profits go to supporting vulnerable women in the community.

    A Pillow for you, a Bed for a Woman in Need.

    This pillow is sold on this website which is hosted by #GoKindly social enterprise. Yes we are biased! But is there any other pillow that is comfortable, Australian made, great value and helps women experiencing homelessness?

    The pillow is made up of a 100% cotton outer and polyester fill to ensure ease of cleaning and good hygiene. The side-panels on the pillow provide extra neck support and to hold shape. Other pluses are that the pillow is low-allergen and machine washable for a long-life. There is is a 120 night money back guarantee.

    The pillow is ethically sourced and made in Australia. Unlike many other pillows, there is no single-use plastic packaging.

    It has standard sizing – of 66 x 41cm. It is comfortable, springy and a good all-rounder pillow so it is suitable for all sleep positions including side sleepers and back sleepers.

    Price: $66 (Free shipping anywhere in Australia).

    Also, Click and Collect is available for Melbourne based customers.


    • Comfortable and supportive pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers
    • Affordable price
    • Every #GoKindly pillow you buy helps funds accommodation for a woman experiencing homelessness

    You can buy the pillow here.

    Best Memory Foam (design): Koala pillow

    Koala pillow

    Koala is a very well  known Australian brand with a great Memory Foam pillow with a Tencel outer. This pillow has a 120 night money back guarantee, and is well rated. This is a well designed pillow that has a firmer side that can help with providing greater neck support. However, the pillow can be flipped for a softer side which is impressive. Their customer service is helpful and many customers like the smart pillow design. The dimensions are a bit longer than the standard bedroom pillow, at 74 cm x 40.5 cm. Overall, this Memory foam pillow has been well reviewed, and we agree with their verdict.

    Price: $160

    Koala is an Australian brand and the pillow is made in China.

    The price may stretch some on a Budget but if you are looking for a Memory Foam pillow, we do think the Koala Pillow is a good option.


    • Smart memory pillow design
    • Comes with a eucalyptus fibre cover

      Click here to buy the Koala pillow.

      Best Memory Foam (ergonomic): Ecosa pillow

      Ecosa pillow

      The Ecosa pillow is a Memory Foam pillow . They have a 100-day guarantee. The dimensions are a little smaller than the standard bedroom pillow, at 56 cm x 38 cm. The Ecosa pillow is well rated, and customers mention the flexible design which allows additional panels to be added to change the height. Another added feature is that they provide compression bags so you can compress your pillow and take it with you travelling. Overall, a well-reviewed pillow with a good shape and at the same price point as Koala.

      Price: $150 RRP

      Ecosa is an Australian brand and this pillow is made in China.

      Like the Koala pillow, the price may stretch some on a Budget but it is a good memory foam pillow.

      The Ecosa pillow and Koala pillow are hard to split. They are both reputable brands and it shows they invest in their product and customer service. We believe if you are wanting a memory foam pillow then these are the top two. How to decide between them? If you like having more flexibility with adjusting your pillow height or if you are a taller person then Ecosa pillow would be our pick. If you are looking for a dynamic pillow that you can rotate between firm and softer then Koala would be a good choice. If you do choose a memory foam pillow we suggest you have an alternative pillow to rotate and adjust positioning.


      • Great shape
      • Flexible heights with additional panel

      You can buy the Ecosa pillow online here.

      Best Firm Pillow: Dentons

      Dentons pillow

      The Dentons Medi Rest is a Memory Foam pillow . The firm pillow is targeted at people wanting a medium to high pillow. The pillow is a standard sized, at 63.5cm x 38cm and will fit your pillowcases well. It has a removable outer cover that can be machine washed.

      Price: $129.95 RRP

      Some of Dentons pillows are made in Australia and some are made in China and USA. While this pillow may not be right for everyone we still think its worth considering.


      • Suitable for high and firm pillow preference
      • Removable outer cover 

      You can buy Dentons pillow here.

      Best Down: Downtime down pillow

      Down pillow

      The Downtime Deluxe White Duck Down Pillow is at a good price point if you are preferring a down pillow. This is made from duck feather and down so wont be suitable for Vegans. The pillow has a lot of filling that provides good support. This pillow is not Australian made. The price is good value considering some down pillows can be very expensive. If you are looking for a down pillow we think this is a good option.

      Price: $119.99 RRP


      Best Latex: Dunlopillow Latex

      Barefoot investor Pillow

      The Dunlopillow latex range RRP’s at $149.95. Latex was originally sourced from the sap of a tree but pillows are generally now made from synthetic forms of latex. They are a good alternative from memory foam as it may feel slightly softer. This latex pillow is reviewed as having good support and spring to it, and is a good ‘all-rounder’ pillow.

      The Barefoot Investor has recommended this pillow to his readers. It is worth mentioning that there is no return option unless the pillow is faulty. It is not recommended for machine washing however there is a removable cotton outer.

      This pillow is made in China.


      • Latex is a memory foam alternative
      • Barefoot Investor recommended

      You can buy the pillow online here.

      Best for Neck Pain: Spinaleze

      Spinaleze Pillow

      The Spinaleze pillow RRP’s for $219, with free shipping. It is Australian Made, created from an Aerated Visco Material and they hold a world wide patent. At 55x 36cm, it is smaller than standard pillow size. It is not machine washable. It is described by customers as having a luxurious feel and as being supportive which is exactly what this pillow was designed to provide.

      • High quality supportive pillow
      • Australian made
      You can buy this pillow here.

      Best Foam: Tempur

      Tempur pillow
      The Traditional Tempur pillow is a foam pillow that is sold through Harvey Norman and Domayne stores, as well as Snooze. It measures 70cm x 40cm – so will fit well into a standard pillowcase. They can be machine washable and RRP for around $160. This is at a high price point so will be above some peoples budget however it is a good option for a foam pillow.

      • High end quality and price
      You can buy this pillow here.

      Best Custom Foam: Sleeping Duck

      Sleeping Duck Pillow  
      The Sleeping Duck pillow RRP is $120.  It is a lower profile designed pillow, measuring at 60cm x 40cm and 9.5cm high. The pillow is made from foam inspired by their popular mattress. Sleeping Duck state that the custom foam is more breathable than standard latex and memory foam. 

      • Material inspired by their well regarded mattress
      You can buy this pillow here.

      Best Feather Pillow: Hilton Superior

      Pillow Talk pillow

      The Hilton Superior is a luxury pillow made from 90% goose down and 10% goose feather.  This is the ultimate luxury, with a luxury price-tag of $379. 

      The pillow is made in China, however is made from high quality down. 

      Caring for a product like this is important, given it's design you can dry clean only.  Not suitable for those with allergies, not Vegan Friendly.


      • Luxury feel with a high price 

      You can buy from Pillow Talk here

      Outside of the top 10 we have the Sleep Dream pillow. This is a USA brand but is available in Australia. It is a memory foam pillow and retails for $110USD. The Sleep Dream pillow has neck shape cut-outs and measures 50 x 30cms, so its a bit smaller than the standard pillow. Reviews describe it as comfortable and ‘squishy’, providing good neck support. You can find out more here

      There are many new memory foam pillows being released so we will continue to keep a look out for the perfect pillows you can find.

      Summary of Pillow Reviews

      To quickly view the best pillow listing here is a table: 

      Pillow Price Side / Back Sleeper Made in
      #GoKindly Signature $66 Side & Back Sleeper Australia
      Koala $160 Side & Back Sleeper China
      Ecosa $150 Side & Back Sleeper China
      Dentons Medi Rest $130 Side Sleeper China
      Downtime $120 Side Sleeper China
      Dunlopillow latex $150 Side Sleeper China
      Spinaleze $219 Side Sleeper Australia
      Tempur $160 Side Sleeper China
      Sleeping Duck $120 Back Sleeper China
      Hilton Superior $379 Back Sleeper China




      Choosing the wrong pillow will impact your sleep and may cause neck pain, sore shoulders, headaches and even allergic reactions.  A pillow plays an important role in making sure your head and neck are well aligned during the night.  Also, there are real health benefits, for instance it can even reduce snoring!  For hot sleepers, the pillow material breathability will be a key consideration.

      Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

      As mentioned above, most people are side sleepers.  We recommend you look for a pillow that is a standard-to-high profile pillow with a medium to firm firmness. This will be the right height for you otherwise you will experience neck pain because you do not have a pillow that supports you well enough. Although if you are below average in height then you may need to consider a low profile pillow.

      Another factor is the pillows firmness.  Ideally, you should look for a medium to firm pillow to keep your head in the most supportive position when you sleep on your side.

      The reason why height of the pillow is so important is that it helps align your body, from your head and spine.  The below diagram shows a person sleeping on their side with a pillow and mattress that gives the right alignment.  

      Side Sleep pillow support

      Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

      For back sleepers we recommend that you choose a pillow that has a lower profile and height. 

      If you do change sleep positions during the night and consider yourself a combination sleeper then you probably want a pillow that sits in the middle, being a standard height and firmness. 


      Another key consideration is pillow material. When finding the right pillow for yourself we suggest you consider your sleep position, pillow breathability, the feel, durability and allergies. There are a range of materials for poly, memory foam, feather, latex. 

      Budget constraints may mean some may not be able to afford certain pillows eg memory foam.

      For those that suffer from allergies we recommend you research for pillows that have been certified by recognised industry bodies including Oeko-Tex certifications.  For instance look for pillows that are treated so they are anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.  Also, a handy tip is to make sure the pillow is washable so you can wash it regularly. 

      The loft of the pillow generally refers to the filling amount.  This is a good guide for the firmness of the pillow but depends on the material type.  For instance a down pillow will have a much softer feel than a Poly pillow with the same fill amount. 

      Best Pillow for Hot Sleepers

      The pillow material is key for Hot Sleepers.  When you sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night then there will be a build up of heat.  Air circulation and breathability will assist with limiting the heat retention.  Surprisingly, some of the most expensive brands struggle to provide the same level of breathability as some more  affordable brands.  This is because of the material that some pillows use can be ultra comfy but still build up heat.  At #GoKindly we think we have got the right balance with the Signature Pillow

      Here ares some more details about pillow materials and pros and cons. 


      Polyester or Poly is the most popular pillow fill in the market. These are good all-round pillow as they come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, you can get a high-profile pillow that is soft and you can get a low-profile pillow that is firm. Many poly brands also use recycled materials now, so you can minimise your footprint and be sustainable. Quality poly pillows will be relatively durable  and can be machine washed without clumping.  The fibre fill can vary across the poly pillow range and this results in a large range in quality so we suggest avoiding the ultra cheap versions.   

      Memory Foam

      Memory foam pillows have been a recent trend. This material was developed by NASA! Generally, it is a firmer feel and takes a bit of time to mould to you head. We suggest that you stay away from cheap options though and ensure you check the certification. For some the cost of a memory foam pillow will be a barrier as they can be expensive.

      You may also come across shredded memory foam. As the name suggests it is shredded instead of being one solid piece. This can make it have a softer feel compared to the standard version.

      Memory Foam is considered Vegan.


      Latex was originally sourced from tree sap but these days latex pillows are generally made from synthetic forms of latex. According to some, they are considered a good alternative from memory foam as they feel a bit softer.

      Feather and down

      Feather and down pillows are made from what the name suggests – goose feathers and down. They can be luxurious, plump and well structured. They tend to sit at a higher price point, because of the filling. 


      A final tip is to use google to find pillow retailers and search their website for customer reviews. Look for the star ratings and read the comments as you will get an insight into people’s experience with their new pillow and customer satisfaction. In fact for many products there is more detail in the customer reviews than the product description.  You want to buy a pillow with 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee so check the terms and conditions of the sale.

      We think it's a bonus if you can find a pillow that is right for you and it is made in Australia. We hope this has helped fast track you to finding the best pillow in Australia so you can get a quality nights sleep.