Best Pillows in Australia: Top 10 (2022 reviews)

Looking for the best pillows in Australia?  We know that there are many pillow brands and types such as: Memory Foam, Feather, Polyester, and Latex.  So we have come up with a list that will save you time and money by giving you a review of the best pillows.

A comfortable pillow should conform to the contour of your neck and head, otherwise you can suffer shoulder and neck pains.  We review pillows for all sleep positions - side sleepers, back sleepers, tummy and combination sleepers.

You will find tips below on how to choose a pillow, and pillow material rankings for firmness and loft.  This will help you match your sleep position to the best pillow material and style.

What are the best pillows right now?

Our picks are #GoKindly, Spinaleze and Ecosa.

We consider the #GoKindly pillow to be a great 'all-round' pillow for most sleep positions, it's affordable and made in Australia.

The Spinaleze pillow has over 2,000 five star reviews and with a patented material that provides pressure relief and neck support, there is nothing like it in the market but comes with a premium price.

The Koala Pillow is at reasonable price point for a memory foam pillow.  The adjustable firmness makes it suitable for most sleepers and the gel infused memory foam provides breathability that assists with a quality sleep.

Let's go through our detailed review of the top 10 picks.

Australia's Top 10 Pillows

How to Choose the Right Pillow for You?

Choosing the wrong pillow will impact your sleep and may cause neck pain, sore shoulders, headaches and even allergic reactions.  We recommend you change your pillow every 2 years but don't just buy the first pillow you see - you need to step through these guidelines.

To help you select the right pillow the 2 key considerations are:

  1. Pillow Material
  2. Sleep Style

We explore these considerations below.

Pillow Material

Pillows have evolved from being made from stone, to much more comfortable materials - the latest development being memory foam. 

There are many types of pillow materials to choose from so we have prepared a table below to rank each. First, here is an overview of each type of material.

Polyester: Made from poly fibres, these are the most common pillows in the market. Mainly due to their soft feel and affordability.  It is estimated that 40% of the Australian population use poly pillows. 

Memory Foam: A material developed by NASA that is now one of the fastest growing pillow materials because of the unique spongy feel that contours the head.

Latex: Can be naturally sourced or man made.  Described as having a springy feel that is softer than most memory foams. 

Feather: Made from goose feathers and down.  Sleepers that prefer that luxury 'cloud' feel will enjoy these. However, they are not Vegan friendly and not suitable for people with allergies.

Buckwheat: another type of material and are considered eco-friendly.  The pros include neck support and being able to adjust the filling to your preference.  The downside is that they can be noisy and may cause allergies.

Pillow Material Study

A study conducted by Dr Susan Gordan in South Australia tested different types of pillows for 'bio-mechanical stresses on cervical structures whilst sleeping'.  Pillow types ranged from Polyester, Latex, Feather, Memory Foam Contoured, and regular Foam. They tested participants in the study for stiffness, headaches, discomfort. The results were fascinating.

Let's start with the the worst performing type.  Feather pillows ranked worst based on sleepers waking up the most and having symptoms including neck pain.  What was the best pillow material?  Latex came in at number one.  The study found it performed the best at reducing headaches and other waking symptoms.  Another fascinating finding was how good polyester performed.  While it is cheaper than all other pillow types, it ranked alongside the more expensive memory foam (contour) for level of waking symptoms (headaches).  Also, the findings showed that a memory foam contour pillow does not have any advantages over a standard shaped foam pillow.

To guide you further, we have provided rankings below, 0 represents the worst and 10 the best. Noted that there are ranges in quality across the industry so this is a general guide only to help you consider what material is right for you when purchasing a pillow.

Durability & Affordability

As a general rule, there is a trade off between price and durability.  Pillow material that is more durable will be less affordable.  

Pillow Material Afford-ability  Dur-ability
Polyester 10 5
Memory Foam 3 9
Latex 3 10
Down 5 5


Feel & Breath-ability

Your body temperature plays an important role in getting a good nights sleep. The pillow material will impact air circulation and heat retention. Some foam pillows have designs that offer support but heat retention is a problem.

Pillow Material Feel  Breath-ability
Polyester Soft 7
Memory Foam Spongy 5
Latex Springy 4
Down Soft 8


KEY TIP: You also want to consider if you can wash your pillow to keep it hygienic and avoid that smell from old pillows. If you have allergies we recommend a pillow you can wash frequently like a Polyester and have a quality pillowcase.

Sleep Style 

The right pillow for you will be suitable for your sleep style and keep your body and neck supported.

If you are a side sleeper we recommend a pillow that has a loft (height) of medium to high and a firmness level of medium to firm.  Whereas if you are a back sleeper we suggest a pillow with a lower profile and firmness level of soft to medium.  A combination sleeper may choose a medium loft and firmness.  

Sleep Position  Loft Firm-ness
Side Sleeper High Medium to Firm
Back Sleeper Low Soft to Medium
Combin-ation Medium Medium
Tummy sleeper Low Soft

Side Sleepers

Did you know that most people are side sleepers?

Make sure you get the right loft and firmness (see table above).  The reason why height of the pillow is so important is that it helps align your body, from your head and spine.  The below diagram shows a person sleeping on their side with a pillow and mattress that gives the right alignment.  

Our top picks for side sleepers would be:

Side Sleep best pillow support

Back Sleepers

For back sleepers we recommend that you choose a pillow that has a lower profile and height.

If you do change sleep positions during the night and consider yourself a combination sleeper then you probably want a pillow that sits in the middle, being a standard height and firmness. 

Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers we recommend that you choose a softer style pillow that has a low profile. Because of the position you sleep you wont need a high pillow to align your neck.  We recommend a low profile pillow with a material such as poly or down to give you the softness you need.

Hot Sleepers

The pillow material is key for Hot Sleepers.  When you sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night then there will be a build up of heat.  Air circulation and breathability will assist with limiting the heat retention.  Surprisingly, some of the most expensive brands struggle to provide the same level of breathability as some more  affordable brands.  This is because of the material that some pillows use can be ultra comfy but still build up heat.  A quality poly pillow can be a good option or if you do want a memory foam pillow choose one with cooling properties.

KEY TIP: Selecting a pillow is a personal preference so when shopping online we suggest looking at the description in detail and also the refund policy.  Unfortunately, many retailers do not offer refunds.  However, there are some who do provide a free +100 nights trial.


A final tip is to know how to look for an Australian made pillow. Pillow retailers will often advertise pillows being Australian Made but how do you check for sure that it is made locally? Look for the Australian Made logo. This accreditation provides credibility that the pillows have been made locally to high standards. Also, retailers may state the Pillow is designed locally.  While this may be true, the manufacturing is likely to be overseas.  

We think it's a bonus if you can find a pillow that is right for you and it is made in Australia to get a quality nights sleep.