Pillow Sizes & Dimensions in Australia

Looking for Australian pillow sizes?  We are here to help!  There are many different shapes of pillows including Standard Bedroom Pillow, Queen, King, European Pillow, Body Pillow, and V or Boomerang Pillow.

Before you choose your pillow, you need to make sure you have the right pillow size for you.

  • TIP: We recommend matching your pillow size to your bed size. Most people will choose a standard size pillow but those with a King or Super King mattress should consider a King Sized Pillow or European Pillow to fill up the large space. 

Pillow Size Chart (Australian)

Pillow Size Metric (cm) width x length Imperial width x length
Standard Pillow 51cm x 66cm 20in x 26in
Queen 51cm x 76cm 20in x 30in
King 51cm x 92cm 20in x 36in
European Pillow 65cm x 65cm 26in x 26in
Body Pillow 48cm x 150cm 19in x 59in
V Shape 28cm x 60cm 11in x 24in



How to Choose the Right Pillow Size?

We explore each of the pillow sizes in more detail below so you can choose the right size for you.

If you have a larger room or bed than spoil yourself with more pillows!  

Standard Size Pillows

In Australia, the standard sized pillow is 51cm x 66cm.  A single bed will generally be matched with a single standard sized pillow.  And as your bed size goes up so may the the number of pillows.  

Most people we surveyed have a Queen Size bed with four standard sized pillows.

Some memory foam pillows will be smaller than the standard size so keep that in mind when purchasing a pillow case.

Queen Size Pillow

The Queen measures 51cm x 76cm, being 10cm longer than the standard pillow.  Why choose a Queen?  Well firstly having two pillows on your Queen or King Size Bed can look better presented than standard pillows that may look small on your bed.  The issue is finding a pillowcase as it is a but bigger and may not fit a standard pillowcase that is not 'loose fitting'. 

King Size Pillow

A King Sized pillow is one of the fastest growing pillow sizes.  People who love a big soft pillow will love these.  They can also be used for decorative purposes and can be an alternative from the European pillow.  The King sized pillow measures 51cm x 66cm. 

European Pillow

A European pillow is perfect for a luxury interior design or support while you sit up in bed.  The Euro is a square shaped pillow measuring 65cm x 65cm. 

Body Pillow

The Body Pillow is a long body length pillow used for a few reasons - support during pregnancy and for recovery or injury support.  The Body pillow measures 48cm x 150cm.

V Shape

The V Shape pillow is also known as a boomerang pillow.  


Final thoughts 

The size and the shape of a pillow is important to providing you with the right support.  Before you choose the size you should ask yourself - what do I need the pillow for?  Then that will help you decide on the pillow size that is right for you.