Best Commercial Hotel Pillow

You've probably slept on a wonderful pillow at a hotel and thought 'I need that pillow at home'.

Here are some considerations for finding the best Hotel Pillow

Hotel pillows are soft and fluffy with a plumpness and lushness that make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.  Some luxury hotel pillows are best for styling your bed, like a European Pillow, while others look stylish and can be slept on as bedroom pillows, like a King Pillow.

One of the key considerations with hotel pillows is your sleep style and whether they offer enough support, often they're soft and may not provide the right support for your neck. 

Choose a high quality pillow with quality filling.  Be aware that down filling isn't  suitable for people with allergies or for vegans.  We recommend high quality down-alternative. 

For a stylish bed, consider having multiple pillows displayed on your bed.  A large king bed could accommodate European pillows, King Pillows then some standard sized hotel pillows.

For commercial quantities of #GoKindly pillows, refer our Commercial Bedding page.


Luxury Hotel Pillow: #GoKindly

Luxury Hotel Pillows

A premium Hotel Pillow with a quality finish, to impress your guests.

This Australian made Luxury Hotel Pillow is designed by sleep experts to provide a soft-cloud-feel and indulgent comfort. 

The #GoKindly Luxury Hotel Pillow is lightweight, soft and fluffy, designed for a boutique luxury experience.

Commercial and wholesale quantities available and can be packaged with the Australian-First pillow recycling program upon request.

Crafted and made in Australia, BCorp certified.

Perfect for residential apartments, AirBnB, luxury stays, boutique hotels and commercial resorts.

#GoKindly donates 50% of profits from this pillow to women experiencing homelessness. 


  • Luxury Soft-Cloud-Feel
  • Soft, and Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Made in Australia
  • Recyclable

Price: $69 or 100 Pack for $38 each

You can buy the Luxury Hotel Pillow here.


Luxury King Pillow: #GoKindly

King Pillow

This King Pillow is Australian made with a soft and plush luxury design.  You'll think you're in a luxury hotel with these on your bed!  If you have a king bed or super king bed we recommend a king pillow for a stylish bedroom vibe.

This King Pillow is bigger than a standard pillow and measures 90cm long x 50cm wide.  It will fit into a king sized pillowcase. It is made from microfiber filling (Polyester) with a cotton sateen cover.

The King pillow is a good option for those wanting an alternative to down.  For instance, you may have allergies or need a pillow that you can wash for the best sleep hygiene.

This website sells #GoKindly Luxury King Pillows so we are biased! 

#GoKindly donates 50% of profits from this pillow to women experiencing homelessness. 

Unlike most luxury pillows, there is a 120 day return policy.


  • Soft and Plush to give a luxury feel
  • King Size
  • Affordable premium quality
  • Made in Australia

Price: $89 or 2 Pack for $159 (Free Delivery)

You can buy the King Pillow here from #GoKindly online.


Choosing the perfect hotel pillow for your guests

How do you choose the right pillow to give your guests a top-quality sleep?

Choosing the right pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and pillow protectors can be daunting when building out your new suites.

You want to provide a great guest experience, and ensure your guests sleep well and wake energised for the day ahead.

Here are our tips for choosing premium bedding and hotel pillows:

Look beyond cost and consider long term value - consider guest sleep experience, product quality, ethics, fair wages, end of life recycling.

  • Invest in high quality bedding for your accommodation suites. Investing in premium quality up front will reduce the long-term cost. The investment is worth it. High quality pillows, duvets and bedding protectors are washable, long lasting and give guests a better long-term experience. You won’t regret the investment.
  • Build long term relationships with your bedding brand of choice. Choose a brand who wants to work with you, is keen on amplifying your brand and being a long-term partner. Choose a brand which is innovative, always improving. We’re biased – but #GoKindly cares about the world, makes a great long-term partner for accommodation and hospitality brands that care about the world and social inequality.
  • Consider the environmental and social impact of the bedding you choose. Bedding waste clogs up bins, transfer stations and garbage tips across the country. Don’t be part of the problem. Select a bedding partner who runs a recycling program at end of life, deliver on your ESG principles. See the #GoKindly bedding recycling program here.

If you’re opening a new boutique accommodation venue, AirBnB, Luxury Hotel, reach out to discuss your needs.

New Hotel Opening Managers, Procurement Leads, Developers – all welcome.

Contact our commercial sales team at



What is the best pillow material for a luxury hotel pillow?

Down is a popular choice for its soft feel.  A quality poly, down-alternative is best for those that want to avoid animal products, and if you want a machine washable and long lasting choice for guests. 

Guest sleep experience is paramount, we recommend a high quality poly pillow which is hypoallergenic.  It is also recycleable through our pillow recycling program.

Does price matter in a hotel pillow?

Short answer – yes. Cheaper imports are made in conditions where fair wages and good working conditions are not guaranteed. To ensure an ethical supply chain, we recommend buying Australian made so you can control the ethics of your supply chain in a tighter manner. Award wages, minimum standards in working conditions are two examples of why buying Australian made is important.

Why does ESG Matter in bedding?

At #GoKindly we believe in social and environmental impact being a key driver of our brand decisions. ESG matters to us, its core to our operations. We believe that your guests and our customers care about the world – care about minimising plastic packaging, paying fair wages, creating high quality products that last a long time and have an end-of-life recycling plan.

Our BCorp status and ESG credentials are one of our proudest achievements. We love working with brands, guests and customers who share our values.

Do you have a customer service team to support us with Commercial orders?

We sure do. We have a commercial sales team (headed by our co-founder Laura), a rigorous QC process and a fast-paced customer service team. The fabulous people at #GoKindly can processes commercial quantities in a fast turn around (usually within a week).

What terms should we look out for when selecting Hotel Bedding?

Long lasting, machine washable, breathable, hypoallergenic, 5-star quality, Australian made, Impact led, BCorp, premium quality.

What is the best size and shape hotel pillow?

A king pillow is perfect for a larger sized bed. If you are lucky enough to have a super king bed then having standard pillows can make the look of the bed seem too small.  Having a king sized pillow, which is about 50% larger than a standard pillow, makes the bed look more complete and less empty.  

If you are wanting a standard sized pillow, try a high quality Australian made poly pillow like the Luxury Hotel Pillow, which can be machine washed for best hygiene practices. 

How firm are luxury hotel pillows? 

Generally, hotel pillows are soft. The benefits are they do provide pressure relief, so ideal for those that need a softer feel on their head when they sleep.  The downside is that they can be too soft and people feel like they sink into the pillow too much and they can become flat and uncomfortable quickly. 

Hotels tend to offer multiple pillows to accommodate different sleep styles.  We find our housekeeping teams provide 4 pillows on a bed typically.


A luxury hotel pillow gives your guests a stylish bed to sink into and a great sleep.  The best luxury hotel pillows are difficult to find but will give you a sleep like no other.