Best Luxury Pillow (2023)

This blog will help you find the best luxury pillow in Australia.  Luxury pillows are soft and fluffy with a plumpness and lushness that make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.  Some luxury pillows are only for styling your bed, like a European pillow, while others look stylish and can be slept on as bedroom pillows, like a King Pillow.

One of the key considerations with luxury pillows is your sleep style and whether they offer enough support.  As the tend to be soft they may not provide the right support for your neck.  If you are a side sleeper, look for a plump pillow with extra filling.  Whereas as a back sleeper this style of pillow will suit you.  If you are a tummy sleeper go with a low and soft pillow. 

Choose a high quality pillow with quality filling.  Also, as down is a popular choice, be aware that this pillow wont be suitable for people with allergies.  Instead go with a down alternative or quality poly. 

For Hotels & AirBnb accomodations we recommend a pillow bundle or a luxury hotel pillow

To style your bed consider having multiple pillows to display on your bed.  For instance, a luxury king bed would have European pillows, then King Pillows then some standard pillows.

To help you select the right luxury pillow for you we have listed our top 4. 

Top 4 Luxury Pillows

  1. Best Australian Made King Pillow: #GoKindly King Pillow
  2. Best Down King Pillow: Downtime Deluxe
  3. Best Premium Pillow: Brinkhaus
  4. Best Luxury Memory Foam & Down Pillow: Sealy


Best Australian Made King Pillow: #GoKindly King Pillow

King Pillow

This King Pillow is Australian made with a soft and plush luxury design.  You will think you are in a luxury hotel with these on your bed.  If you have a king bed or super king bed then we recommend a king pillow for a stylish look.

This King Pillow is bigger than a standard pillow and measures 90cm long x 50cm wide.  This pillow will fit into a king sized pillowcase. It is made from microfiber filling (Polyester) with a Cotton Sateen cover.

The pillow is a good option for those wanting an alternative to down.  For instance, you may have allergies or want to a pillow that you can wash for the best sleep hygiene.

This website sells #GoKindly king pillows so we are biased! 

#GoKindly donates 50% of profits from this pillow to women experiencing homelessness. 

Unlike most luxury pillows, there is a 120 day return policy.


  • Soft and Plush to give a luxury feel
  • King Size
  • Affordable
  • Made in Australia

Price: $89 or 2 Pack for $159 (Free Delivery)

You can buy the King Pillow here from #GoKindly online.


Best Down King Pillow: Downtime Deluxe


Downtime luxury pillow


The Downtime Deluxe King Pillow is a well made duck feather and down pillow.  

Being a down pillow this won't be suitable for vegans.  It is certified as having the down sourced responsible. 

With 1,100 grams of filling this should support most sleepers. However, this is a soft style pillow so may not have enough support for some side sleepers. 


  • Luxury Down King Pillow
  • Down filling to provide a luxury soft feel

Price: $140

Shop at Adairs to buy this pillow.  Adairs do not offer returns for their pillows.  

Best Premium Pillow: Brinkhaus

Brinkhaus pillow


A pillow that is sold in Harrods is worthy of being called luxury.  The Brinkhaus Chalet Pillow is pure indulgence.  Filled with Siberian goose down to provide the softness you expect from a premium luxury pillow.  The outer is 100% Cotton Nano-Batiste which compliments the light feel of the pillow and acts as a hygienic cover. 

At $660 this is not a pillow many people can afford.  But if you have the money and want to splash out on a luxury pillow then this may be for you.


  • One of the most expensive pillows in the market 
  • The ultimate luxury pillow

Price: $660

The pillow can be purchased from Amara.


Best Luxury Memory Foam & Down Pillow: Sealy

Sealy luxury pillow

This pillow is uniquely designed with down filling surrounding memory foam. The gel infused memory foam means it is a breathable pillow and will give you more support than a traditional luxury pillow that is filled with down only. 

Side sleepers would be well suited to this pillow as the foam provides more support.  However, the down gives the feeling of sleeping on a soft pillow and provides pressure relief. 

Priced at $449 this is one of the upmarket down pillows you can buy.  


  • Soft down pillow
  • Premium price

RRP Price: $449

The Sealy luxury down pillow can be purchased here



What is the best pillow material for a luxury pillow?

Down is a popular choice for its soft feel.  While a quality poly like down alternative is best for those that want to avoid animal products. 

If you choose a down pillow we recommend you fluff your pillow regularly to keep the plumpness.  

How much will a luxury pillow cost?

There are a range of factors including the materials and filling of the pillow.  However, the entry point for a luxury pillow will be around $100 and upwards of $500 for the ultimate high quality pillow. 

We explore a range of luxury pillows to help you look for the right one for you. 

What is the best size and shape luxury pillow?

A king pillow is perfect for a larger sized bed. If you are lucky enough to have a super king bed then having standard pillows can make the look of the bed seem too small.  Having a king sized pillow, which is about 50% larger than a standard pillow, makes the bed look more complete and less empty.  

If you are wanting a standard pillow try a gusseted pillows for a classy look.   

How firm are luxury pillows? 

Generally, they are soft. The benefits are they do provide pressure relief so ideal for those that need a softer feel on their head when they sleep.  The downside is that they can be too soft and people feel like they sink into the pillow too much so they won't be right for people wanting firmer support. 


A luxury pillow gives your bed style and has a cloud like feel when you sleep.  The best luxury pillows are difficult to find but will give you a sleep like no other pillow.