#GoKindly goods

We care about sustainability, ethics and community. 50% of our profits are donated to supporting vulnerable women.

We design our goods for modern homes and modern relationships. We know the emotional labour undertaken by women is real, so we design our products to make life simpler, for example enabling your pillow to be replaced automatically on subscription.

Our signature product is the #Kindly adult pillow, made in Melbourne Australia, ethically sourced. We also have kids pillows, low profile pillow and a euro pillow.

We're motivated by making the world kinder, and by striving to be better people. We'd love you to join the #GoKindly movement and make your world kinder too.

All our textiles have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification, and are allergy-friendly & great for sensitive skin.

We use hard-wearing textiles, to maximize the life of our goods and enable a cold-machine wash.

Meet the #GoKindly team


#GoKindly is a reflection of me constantly thinking ‘why is the world not kinder?’

At 19 years of age I left my family's Fundamentalist community in regional Australia.  

I was determined to build a career and support myself. A 10-year career in Corporate Finance was followed by 5 years working in commercial roles in digital and entrepreneurial businesses. 

I have a BA in Foreign Language, and a BCOM in Accounting, a CA and CPA. I sit on the board of Wellsprings for Women, a grassroots organisation supporting vulnerable women in Melbourne, Australia. ​ 

In the early years on my own, I relied on the kindness of foodbanks and charities. I vowed that if I was able to build a career, I would give back more than I took from society during those tumultuous years when I first left my community. 


I have been lucky to call Melbourne my home for most of my life. I love Melbourne for the people, culture, sports and food. We live in the inner-northern suburbs, surrounded by the friendliest community & kind neighbours. 

I have a background in finance (please don't hold that against me). I live for the day there is an emergency on the train and someone asks “is anyone here an accountant?!I”   

I have a passion for helping others, I believe in fairness and being kind to others. I enjoy a good laugh, and listening to Radiohead.   

My favourite #GoKindly product is the #KindlyPillow. I have had back trouble for many years, and sleeping was often uncomfortable and painful.  Sourcing a quality pillow has been a relief. I sleep on two pillows and put another pillow between my knees which has also helped my back pain.  

Remember #gokindly in life.


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