Best Pillow for Back Sleepers (2024)

This blog reviews the best pillows for back sleepers.  Your sleep position has a big influence on the right pillow for you.  As a general rule, for a back sleeper, a pillow with low to medium loft and a medium firmness is a good starting point.  

comfortable pillow for you needs to support your neck and align your spine while you sleep.  Finding the right pillow for a back sleeper can be challenging because the majority of people are side sleepers and pillows are designed accordingly.  Also, having a supportive mattress is important so keep that in mind if you having trouble sleeping as you may actually need to invest in your mattress as well.

Being on your back, if your pillow is too high or low it can cause neck pain issues.  Pillow material is an important factor because a soft style pillow like down wont support your neck adequately.

But we want to help you find a pillow for you so here are our top picks for back sleepers.

Top 4 Pillows for Back Sleepers

  1. Best Value: #GoKindly Low Profile Pillow
  2. Best Latex Pillow for Back Sleeper: Herrington Latex
  3. Best Australian Made Foam: Spinaleze Low Profile 
  4. Best Adjustable Pillow: Emma  


Best Value: #GoKindly Low Profile Pillow

Low profile pillow for back sleeper

An Australian made pillow with a lower profile and medium firmness to support back sleepers.  The design is made for back sleepers by providing support for the neck by keeping it in a comfortable position, being not to high or low.

This website sells #GoKindly pillows so we are biased! 

#GoKindly donates 50% of profits from this pillow to women experiencing homelessness.

The pillow is made with a 100% cotton outer and poly fill.  Unlike some pillows, this pillow is breathable so you can have a comfortable nights sleep without overheating.  Also, it is machine washable so you can wash your pillows and keep it clean and hygienic.

There is a 120 day return policy and free delivery for most of Australia.


  • Medium to low loft
  • Medium firmness
  • Affordable
  • Made in Australia

Price: $75 (Free Delivery)

Shop here for the #GoKindly Low Profile Pillow online.


Best Latex Pillow for Back Sleepers: Herrington Latex

Herrington Low profile Pillow for back sleepers


This is a quality latex pillow that has the right firmness and bounce to support back sleepers.  The pillow comes in High and Low lofts. For a back sleeper the Low is the best option for neck alignment.

The price of $170 may be out of reach for most.  However, the latex design will provide longevity.  The latex pillow isn't machine washable but comes with a cover that you can zip off and wash. 


  • Quality Latex
  • Height of Low that is suitable for back sleepers

Price: $170

Shop for the Herrington Low Profile pillow at Myer.  There is a no return policy for pillows unless it is faulty so make sure you ask lots of questions of them before you purchase a high priced pillow.


Best Australian Made Foam: Spinaleze Low Profile Pillow

Spinaleze low profile pillow for back sleepers


Spinaleze make some of the best quality pillows in Australia. 

A cervical pillow that is celebrated by many people for its quality.  A unique design and a trademarked pillow material make this a special pillow.  It has rave reviews by many and is a long standing Australian business. 

Many people talk of the pain relief since purchasing Spinaleze.  But it comes with a financial cost being one of the most expensive pillows on the market. 

There is a no refund policy so take your time to read their FAQs to make sure you are confident this pillow is right for you.

They do make different heights and firmness so do review their website for what pillow type is right for you.


  • Australian Made Foam Pillow
  • Premium quality but with a premium price

Price: $298

The low profile pillow can be purchased by going to Spinaleze online.  


Best Adjustable Support: Emma

Emma Pillow Adjustable Pillow

When you are a back sleeper finding the right height can be difficult.  This is why we love the idea of having an adjustable pillow. Emma's adjustable pillow has a design to suit back sleepers who can change the height to get the best neck alignment. 

With its memory foam design it is on the firmer side which is good for those wanting greater support.  But if you are after a soft pillow than this wont be right for you.  

This is a good option if you have a larger frame or are unsure about the height.  The versatility and quality make this a good option for back sleepers.


  • Adjustable Pillow Height
  • Firmer, supportive memory foam

RRP Price: $200

The Emma pillow can be purchased here



What pillow material is best for a back sleeper?

Pillow material that will provide medium firmness is best.  Down will be too soft.  So look for either a memory foam or polyester which is one of the popular choices because it is more affordable provides more contour than some other memory foams for a back sleeper.

What pillow height is best for a back sleeper? 

Low to Medium loft (height) is best.  If you have a smaller or larger frame you need to adjust the loft accordingly.  The main aim is to find a pillow that is going to support the natural alignment of your neck and spine.  

What if I move around in the night and sleep in different positions? 

If you do sleep in multiple positions then you are a combination sleeper.  For instance, I move from my side to my back (and tend to snore in that position!) during the night.  A medium loft and firmness is my recommendation.  Another idea is to get a pillow bundle and have multiple pillows with different sizes to change from night to night.  


Back sleepers need to look a bit harder to find the perfect pillow.  Think about the times you have slept on a supportive and comfortable pillow and use the height and firmness as an indicator of what to buy.  We hope this has helped you find the perfect back sleeper pillow.