How to wash a Pillow

So how do you keep a pillow clean? How do you wash your pillow? 

Here are some common pillow hygiene questions

Most people use a pillow at night, do you know how to keep your pillow in shape, and clean? 

Can you wash your bedroom pillow?

Some pillows wash better than others, and as a rule I find that the cheaper brands do not wash as well as the better-quality brands. Memory Foam pillows do not wash well at all – best to replace them. Poly, Cotton, and Down inners can be washed.

Bedroom pillows, in particular kids pillows, can become dirty easily. So here are some tips for how to wash your bedroom pillows:

  1. Best to use a delicate or gentle cycle
  2. Wash one pillow at a time – don’t try to wash too many at once
  3. Use a mild, liquid soap (we use a eucalyptus-based wash), we do not recommend using bleach or harsh chemicals – you put your head on that pillow – treat it well!
  4. Use a warm (not hot) wash cycle, this will help kill the germs/dust mites and bring out the grime.
  5. Sometimes a pillow will fill with air while being washed – stop the machine and push the air out, so that it does not push water to spill out of your machine
  6. Ensure a gentle, short spin cycle and air dry the pillow in the sunshine
  7. We find airdrying on the top of a clothesline the most effective way of drying without ruining the shape. The sunshine further kills any germs, and the fresh air rejuvenates the inner
  8. Reshape your pillow when you sit it on top of your clothesline, to ensure it dries in a good shape
  9. Do not tumble dry – it breaks down the inner and makes the pillow lumpy
  10. Do not iron pillows


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