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European Pillow features

I'm the perfect European pillow.  With this comfy pillow you can rest soundly knowing your pillow is spreading kindness in the world. 

I'm a structured pillow, with side-panels to provide support. 

Did I mention that I'm ethically sourced & made in Melbourne, Australia?

I'm 100% consciously sourced, with no single-use plastic packaging. Low allergen, machine washable for a long-life.

Oh, and 50% of my profits go to supporting the vulnerable in our community.

What is a European Pillow?

In Australia we refer to the large decorative pillows often found on beds, as European Pillows.  

The European Pillow size is typically 65 x 65cm, sometimes with a short gusset of 2-3cms. These pillows can be found on many Australian household beds as decorative pillows. Manchester and Linen stores readily sell European pillowcases with bed linen sets.

These European Pillows are sometimes referred to as 'Euro Pillows' for short.

So what can you use European Pillows for?

As well as being decorative, we use them as supports while sitting in bed to read a book, watch TV or a while on a tablet. They offer great back support against the bed-frame when sitting upright. We have also seen European Pillows used on sofa’s as scatter cushions, or to offer extra back support. When used in a lounge-room they are a versatile way to add colour, as European Pillowslips are easily found, and replaced to update your decor. Kids and toddlers also enjoy using them as floor cushions, and as the covers are easily removed for washing, they can be kept clean. 

They are usually not suitable for sleeping on, as they are too large and firm. Typically you need a supportive pillow which suits your sleeping style.   

Do you need to wash European Pillows?

Many European Pillows are used purely for decorative purposes, which means that they do not need to be replaced as often as standard bedroom pillows, which are used each night to support your neck during sleep. European Pillows can be washed in the same way as a standard pillow, and you can read our guide to machine washing pillows here.


European pillowcases

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