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A Memory Foam Pillow made in Australia, designed for the ultimate sleep. Ergonomic contour shape with adjustable height to provide superior neck support and comfort. Perfect for side sleepers.

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Contoured Memory Foam Pillow designed using latest NexGen technology

Ergonomic contoured for superior support

Premium breathability and comfort

Adjustable layer for higher or lower height

Designed for Side Sleepers

50% of profits donated to women experiencing homelessness & housing stress


Important details:

  • Designed for Side Sleepers over 160cm
  • Most people will need one week to fully adjust to the contour pillow design
  • You can adjust the pillow height by unzipping the cover and removing the additional layer.

Please read the 'Pillow Details' and 'FAQ' sections below for more details.


A Contoured Memory Foam Pillow for the ultimate sleep, made in Australia.

Designed for side sleepers over 160cm.

The ergonomic design with a contour shape, provides premium neck support.  Has an adjustable layer to allow adjustment to the right height to achieve optimal neck alignment. 

The Memory Foam Pillow is made using the latest generation memory foam, NexGen.  The benefits include superior breathability and sleep comfort.  The advanced air flow gives the pillow greater longevity than traditional foam pillows.

NexGen memory foam draws moisture and heat away from your body, providing superior comfort, longevity and lifespan.

The pillow has a double contour.  Allowing for additional flexibility and height adjustments. The higher contour is 15cm (and 13cm with the layer removed).  The lower side is 13cm (and 11cm with the layer removed).

All our pillows can be recycled by using our pillow recycle program.



Over $60,000 donated since 2019 to women experiencing homelessness & housing stress

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Memory Foam Pillow

Adjustable height

Designed for Side Sleepers

    • Dimensions: 57cm x 36cm
    • Height: The higher contour is 15 cm (and 13cm with the layer removed). The lower side is 13cm (and 11cm with the layer removed).
    • Materials: The inner foam is made from NexGen memory foam.  Outer cover is made from Tencel blend.
    • Care: The cover can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water. The foam filling can be spot cleaned only.
    • Warranty: 1 year warranty.  If the memory foam pillow has a manufacturing fault, either something is wrong with the materials or making of the pillow, we will repair, exchange or refund you.


    Pillow Features

    • 120 day returns
    • Free Delivery
    • No Plastic Packaging
    • Vegan Friendly
    • The NexGen foam is Hypoallergenic
    • Recyclable 


    Is this Memory Foam Pillow right for you?

    Our Memory Foam Pillow is recommended for side sleepers who are above 160cm in height. 

    If you are under 160cm cm in height or are a back sleeper or tummy sleeper than we recommend you consider the #GoKindly Low Profile Pillow or Low & Soft pillow.  

    Will I feel comfortable on the pillow the first night? 

    Most people will need a week to adjust to the shape of the contoured memory foam pillow.  Also, you may need to adjust height and become familiar with the feel, especially if this is your first contour memory foam pillow. 

    KEY TIP: for the first few nights keep your old pillow nearby so you can easily switch pillows while you transition to this new style of pillow. 

    How do I adjust the height? 

    You can adjust the pillow height by unzipping the cover and removing the additional layer.

    What height should I adjust the Memory Foam pillow to? 

    This will depend on each persons preference.  We recommend that you adjust the pillow so your neck is aligned to your body.   That is, the pillow should fill the gap between your head and the mattress.

    How does the returns process work?

    If you have tried to adjust to the pillow and it is not for you, please reach out to our team at

    We want you to be 100% satisfied so we offer a full refund or free exchange within 120 days.  You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund.

    What is NexGen?

    NexGen is the new memory foam technology.

    Most memory foam pillows are made from materials that are not breathable.  The latest NexGen pillows are designed to allow air flow and breathability that gives you a superior sleep and makes the pillow long lasting. 

    How firm is the memory foam pillow?

    As a guide the firmness is rated as medium.  



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    Designed using the latest memory foam technology


    Customise to the height that is right for you


    Provides superior neck support and comfort