Welcome to the #GoKindly pillow care guide. 

A few points before we go into pillow care tips:

At #GoKindly we want your pillow to last. We believe in being kind to the planet and we want our products to have a long life, avoiding wastage. But we need your help – so we have put together a Pillow Care blog.

You may not have ever considered the importance of pillow care before – but it’s really important because it will help your pillow maintain its shape and keep it fresh and feeling good. By looking after your pillow you are looking after you!

Here are some simple steps you can take to prolong the life of your #GoKindly Pillows:


#1 Use a Pillow Protector and pillow case

Sounds obvious, but using a pillow protector and pillow case can mean a big difference in pillow hygiene.

Protect your #GoKindly pillow with our Pillow Protector that is made from natural fibres, designed to extend the life of your pillow and provide comfort.

Pillow protector 


#2 Leave it in the sun


Moisture can make your pillow go flat which can lead to back and neck problems (and who needs more of those?). Leaving your pillow in direct sunlight for a few hours each month will help keep it fresh and keep the “bounce” in the pillow.

#3 Fluff up your pillow properly!

When it comes to rejuvenation, fluffing up your pillow works better the more often you do it. We recommend doing it every time you make your bed, to stop it from getting too squashed.

You can fluff the pillow up by holding both its ends and squeezing and stretching it a few times, or even hitting your pillow a bit, preventing the pillow from compressing.


#4 Wash your pillow correctly

Washing machine


Pillow hygiene is really important as dust mites find their way into your bedroom no matter how clean you are. The amount you should wash your pillow depends on how you use it. For instance, if you sleep with two pillows stacked on top of each other, you will need to wash the pillow on top more often than the one underneath. We recommend giving it a wash every 6 months.

The best way to wash your pillow is using warm water, not hot, with a mild liquid soap- nothing harsh. Put it on a short spin cycle to wring out as much water as possible, then dry it in the sunshine. Make sure you pick a sunny day as you want your pillow to be completely dry before you use it.

#5 What if you left it too long – how do I rejuvenate the pillow?

You can try using a low-heat tumble dry, but a few words of caution:

  • There is a risk that using the dryer can make your pillow lumpy and feel different so it is best to only try this when you have exhausted all steps above.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions for the dryer to check the pillow is suitable to be used (we do not want any nasty accidents!)

Once you are comfortable your dryer can be used try this:

  • After washing pillow (see above) put the pillow in the dryer on a warm tumble dry setting WITH a dry bathroom towel (this helps the pillow keep a good shape)
  • After 5 minutes remove and give it a fluff, pat and slap to help keep it’s shape
  • Put in for another 5 minutes give it a fluff, pat and slap…
  • Repeat every 5 minutes until your pillow is completely dry (around 30 minutes but time may vary)

Please ensure the pillow is completely dry before re-use.

One last tip - An in-depth step-by step guide to pillow washing can be found here.

We hope this blog has helped you prolong the life of your pillow and help you sleep well :)