Supporting Melbourne Businesses

Every business (and individual) in Melbourne has been impacted to some degree by the shutdowns. Some sectors are harder hit than others, but its fair to say we have all felt it.

#GoKindly pillows are manufactured here in Melbourne, and we are proud to create the best pillows in Australia. Our studio and workspace is in Coburg. We’re proud to support local industry and local jobs. We were incredibly sad when manufacturing had to cease in August, when Melbourne entered Stage 4 lockdowns, and it was no longer safe for manufacturing to be undertaken.

We were very low in stock, and the shutdown left us facing letting our customers down by quickly running out of stock. Within 2 weeks we’d sold out of our Signature pillow, and we're running very low on Low Profile and European Cushions.

Luckily, our customers have been very understanding, and have continued to shop with us, and trust us to deliver when manufacturing can restart in early October.

In suburbs like Coburg, Brunswick, Fitzroy, Richmond and Carlton whole hospitality strips have closed or been reduced to a fraction of their size with Take-Away only. The casualised workforces in cafes & restaurants has seen young people out of work in large numbers. It is a sad and stressful time for many in Melbourne.

How can you support Melbourne Business right now?

We encourage you to see past the ‘out of stock’ messages and banners, and buy from Melbourne businesses. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of stock, and continue to help inject hope and cash into our economy. We might be ‘closed’ but we are all madly working to keep our customers updated and our supply chains ready for when we can reopen.

Local manufacturing is important to sustain, to build employment and supply chain resilience. Support small, Melbourne businesses to thrive when we can reopen.

Here are some helpful Tips:

  • Find Melbourne businesses to support at iLoveAustralian, Buy With Them, Australian Made – deliberately seek out our businesses to support.
  • Do your homework, and review where the goods are manufactured, and be understanding if you get a ‘out of stock’ notice.
  • Ask if you can pre-order unavailable goods, to help businesses sustain cashflow. 
  • Buy non-perishables now, for use later. For example, you can buy extra handwash, laundry wash etc, and help small businesses through this
  • Get your Christmas presents ready – I know – its early – but get started and help small business
  • Set yourself a small budget for local coffee & snacks. Take a walk around your local area each day, and set an intention to buy something small from a local business.
Everyone needs support right now, not only businesses in Melbourne but we hope this has been helpful to think about what you can do to help small business.