1. Comfortable Pillows

Choose a pillow to match your sleep style:

Side Sleeper = Signature Pillow

Back Sleeper = Low Profile Pillow

Tummy Sleeper = Low & Soft

Combination Sleeper = Signature Pillow

The Signature PIllow is our best seller and will suit 80% of sleepers.

Or choose a special Pillow Bundle to suit every sleep style.

Check out our full Pillow range.

**We offer savings on 2 and 4 pack pillows.**


Best Selling Pillows

2. Winter & All Seasons Quilts

Snuggle under an All Seasons or Winter Quilt. Made from 100% Australian wool for superior breathability and comfort.


Australian Quilt Collection

3. Bundles

Need a pillow bundle to suit different sleepers? Or a home bundle including quilts and pillows? Discover the best value bundles here.


About #GoKindly

We are passionate about sustainable capitalism, profit for purpose and social enterprise models. We believe that brands should exist to make the world better.

50% of our profits are donated to support women experiencing homelessness and housing stress.

Quality, long lasting and affordable products are important to us, and central to our designs. We are also committed to reducing packaging and plastic waste. We launched Australia's first pillow recycling program.

Why choose #GoKindly bedding?

50% of profits donated

Suppporting women experiencing homelessness

100% Australian made

Our comfortable bedding is proudly Australian made

B Corp certified

Highest standards of social and environmental impact