We have a 10 year warranty.  It is important to understand what is included and excluded with the warranty.  So lets start with some key points:

  • Bed Base: The Contour Mattress is designed to be used on solid slat bases.  The support base is very important to ensure correct mattress performance and durability. Slats should be no more than 70mm apart and have a centre support rail and centre leg support to provide a flat solid surface. Flexible slats, Sprung bases, adjustable bed bases do not offer the appropriate support for the mattress and will void your warranty unfortunately.
  • Body Impressions: All mattresses will have body impressions so this is normal.  As your mattress contours to your shape the mattress will develop impressions. Impression of up to 30mm is considered normal and not covered under warranty.  Please be aware that we recommend allowing for 14 days to adjust to the feel and support of the new mattress.
  • Mattress Care: General wear and tear can happen and wont be covered.  The warranty won't cover damage because you have been jumping on the mattress or being mean to it.  Also, the warranty does not cover any spills or a yucky soiled mattresses.  So best to treat it with much kindness as you can :)
  • Original Purchaser: the warranty is only for the benefit of the original purchaser and is non-transferable. 
If you believe you are entitled to a warranty claim please send photos and details to info@gokindly.com.au.  We aim to respond to warranty claims within 2 business days.