A good night’s sleep is so important, and a key ingredient in the sleep-secret-sauce is the right pillow for you.

We want to help you find the perfect pillow for the perfect night’s sleep, and have it delivered to your door.

This is a guide to finding the best Australian made pillow online, with a fabulous collection of high quality and supportive pillows to choose from.

This is a guide for you to know which of our Australian made pillow collection is perfect for you:

Factors to consider when you buy pillows. 

What do you need the pillow for?  



Injury support



Sleeping Pillows

Our range includes the Signature Pillow Low Profile Pillow and Kids Pillow. 

So how do you sleep?  Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper or front sleeper?

The #GoKindly collection includes 3 pillow styles: the Signature Pillow, the Low Profile Pillow and the Kids Pillow.

Signature Pillow 


The Signature Pillow was created as a high quality, every day bedroom pillow that suits most people and is affordable. It provides support to a side sleeper as it holds it shape due to the special gusset which holds the pillow into shape.

The key to providing a suitable pillow for a side sleeper is the loft and the firmness. The Signature Pillow is a higher loft with a medium to firm feel. This is important as it provides the right support and neck and body alignment for side sleepers.

Pillow Highlights:

  • Suitable for Side Sleeper
  • High Loft and Comfort
  • Medium to Firm firmness

Love this pillow even more because:

  • High quality
  • Australian Made
  • Affordable
  • 100% cotton outer


Low Profile Pillow

Generally a back sleeper or front sleeper will need a Low-Profile Pillow to provide the lower level of height required to make a supportive and comfortable nights sleep on your back or front. We often find that larger profile people enjoy having 2 Lower style pillows rather than one Signature style. This allows them to build up and adjust the height suitable for them throughout the night.

Pillow Highlights
* Low Loft
* Medium firmness

Love this pillow even more because:

• Supportive
• Australian Made
• High Quality
• 100% cotton outer

Kids Pillow

The kids pillow is designed for little people – aged 3+. 

It is a lower, softer profile pillow which little ones find more comfortable. It is a standard sized lengh, and fits inside a standard sized pillow case, but lower in profile to an adult pillow.


  • Perfect for kids
  • Low Loft
  • Durable



European Pillow

The European Pillow apparently has nothing to do with Europe at all – its entirely a Australian concept. European pillows are the larger decorative pillows often found on beds. They are useful for propping yourself up when reading or watching TV in bed, especially when sick or tired. They offer some back support as well as being decorative. Check the size to ensure they fit your euro pillowslips.

Euro pillows are often used in styling a room, as they add depth and height to a bed dressing, as well as offer a way to add a pop of colour in the room.


  • Made for looking your room beautiful

Pillows for Injury Support

After surgery or injury ppl may need an additional support pillow to offer elevation and support to an area to facilitate healing. The following are 2 popular styles of pillow for support.

Body Pillow

The Body Pillow is a longer than normal standard pillow – think 2.5 pillows sewn together lengthwise. It is useful in recovery as it can be shifted around the body in various configurations – under and along the body, between legs, under arms and heads. It is a multi-purpose pillow suitable for all ages and injury/surgery types. It is light weight – so easy to manoeuvre with an injury. It can also be folded in half for use to prop yourself up in the place of a European pillow.



The Boomerang Pillow is a u-shaped pillow perfect for supporting the front or back of the body after injury or surgery. It is useful as a ‘pillow table’ when reading or working during recovery, and between the legs to support legs or knees after surgery. It is a firmer style pillow and has a bit of weight in it. It is easy to manoeuvre – but does have more weight than the Body Pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow

The #GoKindly Pregnancy pillow is a firm, curved pillow designed to support new parents with sleep and feeding. The Pregnancy pillow is good in the later stages of pregenancy for support between the legs, to support aching hips and legs. It is also useful for propping upright in a bed or sofa in the later months of pregnancy when fatigue and heart burn can hit together. The pillow transitions well to a feeding pillow, by turning it round to curve around the body and placing baby on top of the pillow while feeding.

The Body Pillow is another option worth considering depending on your needs.  

Sizes of Pillow

 Our pillow range offers all different shapes and sizes. 




How to keep you pillow clean? 


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