Meet the #GoKindly team


#GoKindly is a reflection of me constantly thinking ‘why is the world not kinder?’

At 19 years of age I left my family's Fundamentalist community in regional Australia.  

I was determined to build a career and support myself. A 10-year career in Corporate Finance was followed by 5 years working in commercial roles in digital and entrepreneurial businesses. 

I have a BA in Foreign Language, and a BCOM in Accounting, a CA and CPA. I sit on the board of Wellsprings for Women, a grassroots organisation supporting vulnerable women in Melbourne, Australia. ​ 

In the early years on my own, I relied on the kindness of foodbanks and charities. I vowed that if I was able to build a career, I would give back more than I took from society during those tumultuous years when I first left my community. 


I have been lucky to call Melbourne my home for most of my life. I love Melbourne for the people, culture, sports and food. We live in the inner-northern suburbs, surrounded by the friendliest community & kind neighbours. 

I have a background in finance (please don't hold that against me). I live for the day there is an emergency on the train and someone asks “is anyone here an accountant?!I”   

I have a passion for helping others, I believe in fairness and being kind to others. I enjoy a good laugh, and listening to Radiohead.   

My favourite #GoKindly product is the #KindlyPillow. I have had back trouble for many years, and sleeping was often uncomfortable and painful.  Sourcing a quality pillow has been a relief. I sleep on two pillows and put another pillow between my knees which has also helped my back pain.  

Remember #gokindly in life.