Best Quilt Covers in Australia: Top 14 (2021 reviews)

This list will help you find the best Quilt Cover in Australia. A premium quilt cover is one which is long lasting, easy care and well made. There is a wide range of brands and fabrics, and no one brand or style is suitable for everyone.

Quilt covers can be fun, quirky and enjoyable ways to vamp up your bedroom and update your styling. Fabrics are important in a quilt cover, so you want to think about what fabric you like sleeping on.

Cottons can range from soft and fluffy, through to stiff and firm, so consider if you want a structured look in your bedroom, or a soft, organic look. Natural fibres are always lovely – so look for soft fibres like bamboo, cotton, and linen.

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For more quilt cover tips see our guide below.  So lets start with the best Quilt Covers in Australia.


The Sheet Society

Quilt Cover sheet society

A beautiful brand, obsessed with details. They’re renowned for exceptional details like They invisible zippers and extra wide elastic – little things that make a brand exceptional. Each season they release new quilt cover fabrics, colours and styles – they’re well known for the their quality (and fun) cottons and linens. Cotton Quilt covers are priced from $110, and come in a wide range of seasonal colours, in all natural cottons. Free Postage or $9 express postage.

Check out The Sheet Society website here.

Bed threads

Quilt cover Bed Threads

A well regarded brand, specialising in heirloom quality linen covers, in 100% French flax. Known for their neutral tones, however they do have seasonal colour ranges. Priced from $150, with Free Shipping. Plastic free packaging, and are a carbon neutral business.

Visit Bed Threads here


Bhumi quilt cover

A fabulous organic cotton bedding company, who prides themselves on fair trade practices. They’re known for cotton and flannel quilt covers, priced from $229 with free shipping. They also have a 30 day returns policy. They have a standard palet of colours, with some seasonal colours released each season.
Their cotton is highly regarded, as it is free from GM and toxins.

You can find Bhumi here

Elkie & Ark

Quilt cover set

They pride themselves on their soft organic cotton sets, RRP from $280. They have a limited colour range – usually whites and creams. They use no toxic or dyes, and are packaged in a reusable tote bag. Their stitching is well regarded, and fabrics are long lasting. Free Delivery, plus fair trade certified.

Click here for the Elkie & Ark website. 



Bamboo quilt covers

Organic bamboo quilt covers, in a wide range of colours. Priced from $136, they’re very reasonably priced. Their bamboo is 100% organic, and is known for its thermo-regulating properties. They use quick-snap closures rather than buttons, making their covers quick and easy to use. Free delivery (over $50)

You can buy their quilt covers here



Quilt cover

Wonderful, colourful and quirky quilt covers. Seasonally released, priced from $140 plus postage. Think multi-coloured prints, flowers and stripes. They’re playful and fun, and well-priced. Typically, in easy-care cottons or linens, they’re great for teenagers and fun-loving adults alike.

Visit their website here


Kip & Co

Quilt cover Kid and Co

A well known, fun local brand, known for their collaborations with artists and artisans. Their fun kids and baby covers are well reviewed. As are their cottons in botanical prints. They release seasonal lines, and have a line currently in velvet and in Linen. They are fun and luxurious, priced from $269

Visit the Kip & Co store here


In Bed Store

In Bed Quilt cover

Known for their high quality linens, in neutrals and easy-match colours. They tend to have earthy tones in 100% linen. Great for mix and matching colours of quilt covers with pillows, as the 2 are sold separately. Priced from $220 with free shipping, with a 100 day returns policy. The colour scheme is good for men and boys, as they’re neutral.

Click here to shop the In Bed Store



Quilt Cover

High quality, reasonably priced linen quilt covers. They specialise in organic and natural colours, priced from $195. They have a wide range of colours, with some changes seasonally, such as a pin stripe. Free delivery, and 100% returns policy.

You can buy their quilt covers here

Good Studios

Quilt cover gold linen

Create covers from 100% Hemp Linen. Priced from $298, made to order in Adelaide. Their colours are dark and moody, with a touch of white thrown in. They’re natural and organic, and high quality. Hemp is known for its durability, so they are long and hard wearing covers. One of the few Australian made brands.

Check out their website here



Weft Textiles

Linen doona cover

Sustainably sourced Flax Linen quilt covers. In limited colours, but well made. Priced from $290, made in Melbourne. They pride themselves on high quality stitching and fabric, and the simplicity of their designs. One of the few Australian made brands.

Buy quilt covers from the website for Weft Textiles here



Adairs quilt cover

They have styles, colours and fabrics galore, to suit every kind of budget and fabric preference. Seasonally released, they have upwards of 100 options at any one time. Priced from $149, you can find a quilt cover for everyone.

You can buy from Adairs here


Bed Bath N Table

Bed bath n table quilt cover

They have quilt covers to suit everyone, and price ranges across the whole spectrum. They release seasonal prints and colours, RRP priced from $199.95, often with sales and promotions.

Visit Bed Bath n Table here



 Sheridan quilt cover

The name is synonymous with Australian high quality. They’ve been an Australian institution since 1967, making high quality linens and Manchester. Their quilt covers are always easy care, high quality and seasonal. While they are updated seasonally, they tend to be natural, easy to match colour shades, making their quilt covers versatile and longer lasting. Priced from $349, plus shipping.

Visit Sheridan to buy quilt covers here


Quilt Cover guide


We find that fabric choice is a more important determiner. So decide if you want structured fabrics like cottons, or organic soft fabrics like linen and bamboo. Also consider your sleeping temperature (and that of any partner in bed), as bamboo breaths better and is good for hot sleepers. 

Quilt covers often come in a set, with 2 pillow cases.

Your bedroom décor is important, as the style of fabric can influence the ‘look’ of the room. If you’re into natural, organic styles – linen looks lovely with its natural creases and lines. If you like a more structured look, cotton sits well on a bed, and looks professional for open-houses for instance.

You may have heard about ‘thread count’ which refers to the strands of fabric per square inch in fabric. Its kind of a buzz word, and the idea is that the finer the threads, the higher the thread count, and the higher quality the fabric is. In our experience, there are other factors to consider aside from thread count. You may want a longer lasting, harder wearing fabric than one with a 500 thread count – so consider if high thread count is a relevant fabric choice for you.


What is the best quilt cover?

Everyone has different needs in bed linen, and we recommend thinking about your lifestyle needs, sleeping temperature and fabric preferences. Everyone will like and dislike different things in a quilt cover. Have a read of our tips and suggestions for best quilt cover brands.

What is the most comfortable Duvet cover material?

Soft Cottons and Bamboo fabrics tend to be the most comfortable fabrics or materials. Usually the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric in cottons, however this also comes with additional care requirements, so be aware that highest thread count is not necessarily suitable for your lifestyle. If you want a hard wearing, tumble dry fabric, a lower thread count is better for you. Bamboos as hard wearing, soft and fluffy, but do hold moisture and take longer to dry. Linens are beautiful fabrics, but tend to be stiffer, and not as soft.

Does a quilt need a cover?

Yes, quilts are not designed for regular laundering, they are designed as an inner filler for a cover. Covers for quilts need to be washed regularly. Quilts can be dry cleaned (and some machine washed) every 6 months, if they have a cover on them.

Is a quilt cover the same as a duvet cover?

In Australia the term Duvet, Doona and Quilt are used interchangeably, so yes a quilt cover is the same as a duvet cover.


Quilt Cover choices are also best considered with sheet set choices, so that your quilt cover and sheets complement each other. You may want matching, or contrasting colours or patterns. You may even want to mix up your flat sheet and fitted sheet – having different colours and styles across duvet, flat and fitted sheets.

We hope this list has helped you find the best quilt cover in Australia. At #GoKindly we provide you with the best Australian pillows and give a bed to a woman in need.